A Directive is a core language setting, which can be changed by using the Use command. Once a Directive has been set, the behaviour of PTPScript will change accordingly, until another Directive in the same group is set.

For example:

{ use NaturalComparison }

In the example above, the behaviour of the String Comparison Operators is being modified to use natural ordering.

Directives are case-insensitive.

Available Directives

The number of Directives available in standard versions of PTPScript will be kept to a minimum. Directives are not intended for prolific use, but rather, to allow a way to change certain areas of behaviour to suit different tastes. There will generally be an alternative way to achieve the same ends without using Directives.

The available groups of Directives can be seen in the menu on the right.

Directive Scope

Directives have an effect in the current scope only, from the time they are set, until the time they are changed (or the script ends). This means that if a Directive is changed from the default in the main body of a template, and then a macro is run, the macro will not see the changes - and vice versa; if a macro changes a Directive then it will not affect the main template or any other macros.

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