PTPScript is a templating language. It is designed to make life easier by allowing the "code layer" to be separated from the "presentation layer". In this case, the code layer is the PHP code created by a backend programmer, and the presentation layer is the frontend interface created by a designer. Designers don't want PHP code cluttering up their XHTML, and programmers don't want markup in the middle of their code. It's messy on both sides, and leads to too much maintenance. The solution is to totally separate the two, and only allow interaction through an intermediary layer. This is where templates come into play.

"PTP" is a recursive acronym, like PHP, and stands for "PTP Template Parser".

Using PTPScript

The documentation is aimed at designers and anyone else who will be using PTPScript. You are not required to know PHP, and PHP code will not be shown or mentioned (unlike in the general SOAPI section).

Language Reference

Additional Information

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